Technical & Rental Services

Strain & Torque measurement
We offer complete tech services for strain measurement on metals, structures, components, machines, vehicles etc. We can also measure torque on your existing rotating machines.
Our service includes Supply of strain gages and accessories, Pasting of strain gages on test object, Data collection and analysis.
We also provide complete training on Strain and Torque measurement.

Calibration of Loadcells and Force sensors
We offer Loadcells and force sensor calibration traceable to NABL standards. We undertake Calibration for sensor from 50 Kg to 10 Ton capacity and issue NABL traceable Calibration certificate.

Design & Manufacturing of Strain gage based sensors
We can undertake design and manufacturing of strain gage based sensors as per customer's requirement for force measurement, strain & torque measurement, Loadpins etc...

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